The Scanner Hall of Horrors and Anomalies


Here are some of our experiments with our scanner.  Note, we have not modified these photographs in any way.  This is just how they came out of the scanner.  No children were harmed during the photographic process, appearances to the contrary.


·     Rob on a Rob stalk

·     topsy-turvy heads

·     runny nose

·     banana face

·     has a lot to say

·     don't give me no more lip

·     watery eye

·     Poor 'lil space alien

·     twisted up outside

·     the nose goes it alone

·     ogre

·     disturbed and disturbing vampire

·     shaken and disturbed

·     wake-sleep cycle

·     flubbergasted

·     happy go unlucky

·     cauliflower nose

·     being pig-headed as unusual


·     Hello Dali!

·     my sweet and beautiful flesh eating wife

·     head over head

·     sweet and scowl

·     looking at love from both sides now


·     the reason why there's only one picture of Eleanor


·     Oscillate wildly

·     A toothy grim

·     Multiple reflections


·     The scream

·     Eye strain

·     Bobby's heartfelt speech



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